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By submitting your information, you are agreeing to a few terms and conditions...
1. You agree to donate $100 to the charity selected by the majority of members present and voting, once per quarter. (Donations are to the Vancouver Foundation which issues the tax receipt and forwards the donation.)
2. You agree to have your information (name, email, phone only) stored. (It will not be shared with any external parties - promise).
3. If you cannot make it to a quarterly meeting, you agree to donate regardless through the Vancouver Foundation.

4. A photographer attends events and photos are posted to social media. Should you prefer to remain anonymous you will let the organizers know.

5. You have already donated either $100 for the first event and/or set up a monthly donation (minimum $35) with the Vancouver Foundation. Please do it now. This is important work!

Feel free to nominate charities serving the needs of gay men in the Lower Mainland.

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