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To join 100 Gay Men for a Cause – YVR, please complete the following form.


By submitting your application for membership, you're agreeing to a few rules:


Membership Rules

  1. You agree, as a member, to donate $100 per quarter (or $35 per month) through the Vancouver Foundation, which issues tax receipts and forwards the donation. These pooled donations are awarded, once per quarter, to the charities selected by members who attend and vote at our quarterly meeting.

    • You agree to maintain your donation even if you cannot attend the meeting.​

    • Under-30 Rate: For queer men under the age of 30, you are eligible to become a member of 100 Gay Men for a Cause YVR for $60 per quarter (or $20 per month), made possible by our Founders' Circle and Rainbow Circle.

  2. You agree that 100 Gay Men for a Cause YVR can collect your contact information (only your name, telephone number, and email address) to administer your membership. We will never share your information with external parties – promise.

  3. A photographer attends our quarterly events, and photos may be posted to social media and used in 100 Gay Men for a Cause YVR promotional materials. If you prefer to remain anonymous at our meetings, please contact an organizer.

Before you submit your membership application, click here to complete your first donation through the Vancouver Foundation. (Consider setting up a $35 monthly donation so that you don't need to think about it again!)

Thanks to the generosity of our Founders' Circle and Rainbow Circle, queer men under 30 years old are eligible for a special membership rate of $60 per quarter (or $20 per month).

Thanks for submitting!

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