100 Gay Men For A Cause - YVR works with and through volunteers.

Operational funds are used solely for direct expenses approved by the Steering Committee.

Our Steering Committee establishes direction for the organization and selects at random nominated charities to propose for each meeting.​

Our Team

Sacha Fabry
Sacha Fabry is a certified professional director and Principal Consultant and Co founder at the Good Governance Group (G3). He was formerly director of business development for an industrial manufacturing firm. Sacha was also President of the Capilano Students’ Union and Chair of the Alliance of BC Students. A passionate community member, Sacha serves on the Board of the Squamish Chamber of Commerce and was on the Community Foundation. 100 Gay Men for a Cause fits well with his community development interests.

Chris Girodat

Chris Girodat is Executive Director for the Capilano Students’ Union where he provides strategic leadership and oversees a dynamic team of professionals, pursuing the vision of a group of passionate, elected student leaders. He was previously a member of the Board of Governors and Senate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University where he was President of the Students’ Association. Prior to that he was Customer Service and Operations Manager with Winners. Chris believes that 100 Gay Men for a Cause fits with his passion for building better systems for individuals and groups to work together for the best possible results

Ken Gracie

Ken Gracie worked as a clinical social worker in Winnipeg, where he developed his insight into harm done by social and financial predators. He also developed there an abiding respect for First Nations people. Following his arrival in Vancouver he moved to a career in real estate. Ken and his partner Philip Waddell administer an endowment supporting social welfare the arts and education. 100 Gay Men for a Cause provides an opportunity for Ken to remain in touch with our history and his chosen family.

Ken Haycock (Founder and Catalyst)

Ken Haycock founded 100 Gay Men for a Cause so that like-minded men in Vancouver could come together and have even greater impact through a giving circle. Ken is professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia and San Jose State University and research professor (honorary) at the University of Southern California. His professional interests are in effective board governance and factors affecting political influence, with strong personal interests in travel and current affairs.

Stan Moore

Stan Moore is a retired federal public service executive whose career focussed on international humanitarian assistance and diplomatic service. A lifelong commitment to empowering marginalized people and fostering community engagement made becoming a founding member of 100 Gay Men for a Cause a natural fit. Stan and his husband Pierre won a six-year landmark case that helped lead to LGBT recognition and benefits nationally. He continues to champion our rights and volunteers for HIV/AIDS and gay refugee causes.

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